How Much Cloud Storage Space Do I Need?

You’re looking for a cloud storage solution to back up your data online and wondering how much cloud storage space you’re going to need? Congratulations for taking the first important step to protect your valuable data from catastrophic events such as hard drive crash, virus infection, dropping your laptop, theft, earthquake, fire, or flood.

The answer to this question really depends on what you need to back up and what types of files you are backing up in cloud storage. When you calculate the cloud storage space that your data will need, make sure the cloud storage plan has sufficient space for that amount of data, plus what you reasonably expect to add to your important data in the future. After determining the kind of files you need to backup you have to estimate how much these types of files will eventually amount to.

We provide an overview here to give you an idea how much a gigabyte really is:

  • Around 250 MP3 songs of 4 MB each
  • 200 photos of 5 MB each
  • 5,120 word documents of 0.2 MB each
  • 2,048 spredsheet documents of 0.5 MB each
  • One full-length movie of 1 GB each
  • If we now take the 250 GB JustCloud plan will be able to store around 10,000 documents, 20,000 photos, and 15,000 mp3 songs in cloud storage!

    To pick the cloud storage plan that suits your backup needs, the best way to determine this is to simply select the folders on your system you think are the most important and then view the “Size on Disk” space for each. An example of folders to check might be “My Documents”, “Music”, “Videos”, “Pictures”, specific “Program” data folders, and any other data folders. Simply add up the sizes and this will provide a pretty idea of the required cloud storage space.

    These days unlimited plans are not too much more expensive than limited plans. In the case of JustCloud, the unlimited plan only costs $3 more monthly compared to 250 GB plan. If you're still not sure how much cloud storage you might need to backup all your valuable data for now and future. Why not consider a cloud storage plan with unlimited storage space so you don’t have to worry about storage space?

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