Online Backup vs External Hard Drive

For many years, people have relied on external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives to backup their important data. The main disadvantages of these local backup methods are that they are usually stored in the same physical location as the original files, can easily get stolen, or can have a short life-span. When disaster strikes, your local backups and originals are susceptible to the same risks of data loss!

Online backup is secure
Online backup market leaders such as MyPC Backup utilizes bank grade encryption when files are in transit and storage. Their world-class data centers are monitors 24/7. They have data mirroring protocols implemented for data redundancy and partner with cloud computing giants such as Amazon or Google to have 99.99999999% durability rates.

Online backup is affordable
By paying less than a cinema ticket every month, you can have unlimited backup plan offered by providers such as MyPC Backup or Carbonite. This is really not expensive considering that all of your important data is well protected in secure data centers. No matter what happens to your hard drive, your data stays safe and secure online.

Online backup allows you to access files anytime and anywhere
To share files or folders stored in the external hard drive, you have to take it wherever you go. With online backup, all of your data is right at your fingertips as long as you have a web browser and an Internet connection. Leading online backup providers such as MyPC Backup even offers FREE native mobile apps that allows you to download, view, and share your backed up and synced files anywhere and anytime!

Share your files and folders with family and friends
With online backup, you can share any file (even big ones) or folder (e.g. large folder with hundreds of photos) to your friends and family members anywhere within a few minutes by sending them an email including access link or posting to social network!

Which option is right for you?
If you only have budget to choose with external hard drive or online backup, I would recommend signing up for an online backup service as there are many advantages and flexibility of online backup as mentioned above.

If you can afford both online backup and external hard drive, why not go for both to double your protection? Check out our online backup reviews to find out which online backup provider fits your need. Sart backing up today, don’t wait until it’s too late.

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