What is Online Backup?

Online backup works the same way as local backup does except it uses a third-party service to backup your data to remote data centers over the Internet connection. Popular local backup options include additional internal backup hard drives, external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, or USB flash drives. The main disadvantages of local backups are that they are usually stored in the same physical location as the original files, can easily get stolen, or can have a short life-span. When disaster strikes, your local backups and originals have the same chances of being destroyed, damaged, or stolen!

This is where online backup comes in. Online backup is a process of frequently (or continuously) backing up data from your local hard drive(s) to highly secure data centers remotely using your Internet connection. Online backup providers leverage the technology of high speed Internet and cloud computing to create offsite storage solution with affordable pricing. These data centers have lots of hard drives where your data is stored. This is called data redundancy. When one hard drive goes down, your data is still available in other hard drives in the data center. The advantages of online backup compared to local backup options are clear: when a catastrophic event occurs to your PC, you can be sure that your valuable data is safely stored in secure servers remotely. You will be able to restore your file anytime and anywhere.

No matter what types of files you need to backup - tax returns, financials, music, videos, photos, and other personal files - you need to adopt an online backup solution to guarantee your irreplaceable files will stay safe and secure whatever happens.

You can get started with online backup and have all of your data protected in 3 simple steps…

  1. Sign up for your backup account
  2. Download the backup application for your operating system
  3. Set up the files/folders you want to backup and let the backup application do the rest

Once you have set up online backup, you will never lose or be without your files again whether your laptop is stolen, your hard drive crashes on you, or your computer is damaged due to a natural disaster such as fire or flooding.

Some online backup vendors such as MyPC Backup even has a feature which can help you and police find out the exact location of your laptop/computer if it is lost or stolen and switched on.

Check out our online backup reviews to see which provider fits your needs best!

Online backup is a safeguard providing data management and protection for home users and businesses of any size. Backup today. Don’t wait until your data is lost!

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