Why Do I Need Online Backup?

When it comes to securing your important personal data, there are three options: do nothing, backup files locally, or backup online. Even though all users we talk to are aware of their important data could be lost one day, most of them don’t back up their data regularly. Some of them haven’t done any backup at all!

Do Nothing:
It’s important to stress the fact that your PC will eventually lose your photos, music, videos, financials,documents, and more. It’s just a matter of when a catastrophic event will happen causing you to lose your important data. Do nothing is obviously not an option unless you don’t care about losing your data. Hard drive crash, virus infection, dropping your laptop, theft, earthquake, fire, or flood are just a few of the reasons to keep your data safe and accessible no matter what happens by backing up online.

Backup Locally:
This is a good option, but there are risks associated with this method of backup. CD’s, DVD’s, USB Flash Drives – these backup media have limited storage space and are easy to lose. External hard drives – you can store large capability of data, but they can be damaged, can become corrupt, and can be stolen.

Backup Online:
Online data backup services are an excellent, easy and secure way to backup your data automatically to an offsite location. Your backed up data will be encrypted and stored safely on secure data centers. By providing a private key for your backup, your files will be completely private and unreachable by anyone but you.

Because your data is stored offsite, you will never have to worry about your precious files getting lost if your computer crashes, is destroyed or stolen, your data is still safely stored on the backup provider’s secured servers.

Why not check out our online backup reviews and start with a backup solution you like. It’s important to choose a backup solution that supports automatic backup and continuous data protection. Automatic backups allows you to set it and forget it. They will run when they are scheduled to backup your data safely online. Continuous data protection backs up files as soon as they change on your computer so you’ll never lose a change again.

Backup today. Don’t wait until your data is lost!

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