3 Tips to Optimize Your Initial Online Backup

How long will my initial online backup take?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors list below:

  1. The amount of data you're backing up online.
  2. The upload speed of your Internet connection.
  3. Whether your online backup providers have any type of bandwidth throttling in place.

Realistically backing up gigabytes of data online can take days if not weeks to complete. For example, I have 330 GB of data to backup online, it took approximately 5 days for MyPC Backup to backup the first 30 GB when using a standard high speed Internet connection.

Upload speeds for most Internet Service Provider are significantly less fast than download speeds. My download speed is 19.35 Mbps; however, my upload speed is only 0.49 Mbps!

What does this mean? It will took me 55 days (almost 2 months) to completely backup all my data to MyPC Backup servers.

Even though it took me almost 2 months to completely backup all my files, but I had my most important files (6 GB of personal documents, favorite music, and valuable photos) backed up within 1 day.

I will share how I optimized my initial online backup so the important files get backed up right away.

Select Important Folders to Back Up
When MyPC Backup prompted me to select what to back up, I chose "Custom Selection" and only selected folders that have my most important files.

Select File Types Not to Back Up
Since I have 60 GB of videos in folders I chose to backup, I then went into MyPC Backup's File Types setting page and configured MyPC Backup so it does not back up any of video files (.avi, .rm, .wmv) in the initial backup.

Select Maximum File Size to Back Up
Since I have a few +100 MB TIFF images in folders I chose to backup, I went into Backup Selection setting page and configured MyPC Backup to not back up files larger than 100MB in the initial backup.

MyPC Backup has both a Mac and Windows client that gave me the flexibility to backup both my Windows Desktop PC and MacBook Air. It also provides me the ability to prioritize my initial backup to choose which folders to backup, what file types to back up, and the maximum file size to back up. We were highly impressed with MyPC Backup's ease of use and started recommending it to family and friends. It was so easy that I gave my Dad a web address and in 5 minutes he had it installed and the backup running!

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