How to Protect Your Photos with Online Backup Software?

When we didn't have digital photos, most people will save film negatives for generations for backup purposes. But when we made the switch to digital, it is surprising that most people did NOT even consider the idea of making a second backup copy of their valuable photos for their life moments!

Any kind of digital storage is susceptible to failure. So, please, don't wait until your hard drive crashes to regret you did not back up any of your photos.

Today, I will share with you 3 tips to keep your photos safe by backing them up locally and offsite.

Backup Your Photos to External Hard Drive
This is the most convenient solution for backing up your photos via USB connection. The backup and restore speed is very fast. However, the main disadvantages of external hard drive backup are that they are usually stored in the same physical location as the original files, can easily get stolen, or can have a short life-span. When disaster strikes, your external hard drive backups and originals are susceptible to the same risks of data loss!

Backup Your Photos Online
Online backup service offers the security of having your backups off site to protect them from natural disasters. The down side to this option is that it usually requires a monthly fee and restoring your files can be a slow process since it relies on your Internet connection speed. But think about it, by paying less than a cinema ticket every month, you can have unlimited backup plan offered by reputable providers such as MyPC Backup or Carbonite. This is really not expensive considering that all of your important data is well protected in secure data centers. No matter what happens to your computer hard drive or external hard drive, your data stays safe and secure online.

Sync Your Photos Across Multiple Computers
If you have multiple computers or laptops, why don't you sync your favorite music or photos across multiple computers automatically using file sync feature provided in some of online backup services such as MyPC Backup? It's another way to back up by having multiple copies of crucial data on all of your computers so if one computer dies, your data is still available in other computers.

With your photos backed up in more than 3 places (Your main computer, the external hard drive, the online backup storage, and other computers), you can have a peace of mind knowing you will never lose a photo again no matter what happens!

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